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Decarbonised Entrance

City of Seraing




Valérie Depaye
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Decarbonised Entrance :

In 2020, the architecture and urban planning office MSA was appointed by the City of Seraing to carry out an urban planning study on the redevelopment of the northern entrance to the city, on the left bank of the Meuse. 

The objective is to propose the best possible balance for the comfort of the various users, by proposing a landscape integration of the highway arrival and by reinforcing the connection between the two riversides of the Meuse, without forgetting the management of the flows and the links with the nearby economic activity sites.

To achieve this result, three ERDF form have been sent about:

  •  The calming of the highway's arrival
  • The realization of a pedestrian-bicycle bridge between the center of Seraing and the city entrance at Jemeppe
  • The development of public spaces around the mobipole at the entrance of the city

The landscaping and architectural developments, also including a multimodal hub and new urban areas, benefit from a choice location, as they are situated along the tramway line that will link Seraing to the city of Liège.



  • Priorities and phasing of the implementation of the policy plan 
  • Budgeting of actions
  • Site development operation planning with the different stakeholders 
  • Land acquisition by the different stakeholders 
  • Drafting of the application for ERDF funding 


  • Project author market
  • Awarding of the project author's contract
  • Pre-project monitoring




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