Chaussée de Louvain 1026, Av des communautés 4, 1140 Evere

Evereast :

Evereast is an ambitious project, both in its architecture and in its urban planning approach. It consists of a 15-story tower, The Leaf, and two wings, The Seeds and The Wood, which, although differently modulated, provide a particularly harmonious whole. They have been arranged in such a way as to provide residents with a real sense of privacy while allowing them to remain connected to the life of their neighborhood; a village in the city as much as a place to recharge, to get away from the hustle and bustle, to get to know and recognize each other.

The project includes studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments. These are exclusive spaces that will find a wider echo within a landscaped garden. This is a meeting place for the residents. The complex has also been designed with sustainability in mind, enabling it to integrate a whole series of services that will become the new standards in the future: pre-connected apartments, pre-equipment for electric car charging stations, secure bicycle storage and a space dedicated to their maintenance...


Residential  : 173 apartments 
Retail : 4 units pour 950 m²



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Estimated delivery : Q3 2023

Sustainability project

Both in its design and in the choice of materials and techniques used, the project is part of a resolutely sustainable approach.
A landscaped park in the interior of the block offers environmentally friendly urban development that enhances biodiversity.


6.589 m²

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