Garocentre, Logistics Multimodal Park of the Heart of Hainaut

La Louvière


Rue de Familleureux, B-7110 La Louvière, Belgium


Geneviève Finet

Garocentre, Logistics Multimodal Park of the Heart of Hainaut :

Developed by IDEA at the very heart of the transportation European network, GAROCENTRE, the Multimodal Logistics Park of the Heart of Hainaut, benefits from a concentration of 60% of the European purchase capacity withtin a 48-hours’ drive, at a moderate cost.

IDEA sets at investors’ disposal as well land for sale as relay-buildings for rent, in a green environment (landscaping and wind turbines), with the support of services dedicated to the sector of logistics.
GAROCENTRE has a multimodal conteneur terminal connecting Antwerp by barges, daily. A proximity railway operator takes care of the optimization of the train shuttles.

Plots of land of 2 to 15 hectares enabling the construction of 10 to 50.000 sq.m. distribution centers, are immediately available for developers and end-users.

In 2017, a new part of GAROCENTRE has been opened with a 15 hectares-area dedicated to a large-scale distribution center development.

Smaller buildings will take place on a complementary 15 hectares-area that will be developed from 2020.

Surface area

220 ha


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