Urbanica, the new regeneration project of La Louvière

La Louvière


Rue Armand Colinet, 7110 La Louvière, Belgium


Geneviève Finet

Urbanica, the new regeneration project of La Louvière :

URBANICA answers to the wish of an urban regeneration which is introducing light economic activities (handcraft, services) inside a housing area with respect to a good outfit around a public space.

URBANICA is also contributing to the principles of sustainable development as it is a former industrial site that has been rehabilitated in 2006 by the public authorities.

IDEA is looking mainly for developers that will be in charge with the development, the financing, the construction and the marketing of small industrial buildings in order to develop a global, coherent and integrated project in its environment. IDEA will take care of the construction of the public spaces (road and small market place).

The project will be developed in 2018.

About 10 to 15 end-users have already contacted IDEA for renting or purchasing a facility in this park.

URBANICA is a few miles from LA STRADA, the commercial and housing development in the Center of La Louvière.

Surface area

2 ha


SME building developers



Sense of sharing
Technical know-how
Quality of life